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Each night will feature a DSO concert with special guests and post-show bonfire/drum circle... but that's not all. Each day our band, crew and guests will lead workshops and activities designed for musicians and music lovers! Here's a sample of what will be offered!

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The Guitar Style of Jerry Garcia
As Taught by Jeff Mattson

Dark Star Orchestra lead guitarist, Jeff Mattson, will be conducting workshops that will examine the intricacies of the guitar style of Jerry Garcia. He will cover topics including:

- Use of the modes
- Playing over chord changes
- Chordal soloing
- Soloing with harmonics
- Hybrid flatpicking/fingerpicking
- Atonal playing (taking it "out")
- Use of effects pedals
- Explanation of the onboard effects loop
- General equipment discussion-Jerry's gear over the years

This workshop will be informal and Jeff will be answering questions and addressing any topics that may arise. Jeff will be providing ample demonstrations and inviting the attendees to try different techniques. Jeff will be providing handouts as applicable.

Jerry Garcia Master Class

Jeff will also offer a Jerry Garcia Master Class for more advanced students (although all will be invited). Jeff will have students play and he will critique their playing and offer suggestions.

Tapers 101
As Taught by Rob Eaton and Betty Cantor Jackson

An in-depth listening session with famed Grateful Dead recording engineer Betty Cantor Jackson and Grammy Award winning recording engineer and DSO member Rob Eaton. There will be detailed discussions on recording and mixing live with a focus on her years mixing live Grateful Dead music. Also in this class we will be playing never before publicly heard Jerry Garcia Band and Grateful Dead Master tapes played back on the same Nagra tape machine used to make the recordings. A must attend for all tapers and tape collectors.

Recording and Mixing Class

An in-depth session with Betty Cantor Jackson and Rob Eaton focusing on Recording, Mixing and Miking techniques in both Live and Studio applications. We will teach proper mike placement, Mike selection, Blending and all aspects of mixing from the start to the final mix.

Wonderful and Wacky world of Weir
Brought to you by Rob Eaton

In this class Rob will display and explain his understanding of Bob's technique and all aspects of his sound and gear with a focus on chord voicing. Rob will also offer a few private lessons to those first to sign up.

Double Drumming Class
As instructed by Dino English and Robert Koritz

Double Drumming - Dino and Rob will explore, discuss, and play the basic concepts of effective double drumming. This will include, approach, listening, concepts in time keeping, concepts in open "free form" jamming, instrument tunings, tandem soloing, and how to be effective and tasteful when double drumming within a group setting.

Billy and Mickey through the Years - Analyze the early influences of the Grateful Dead drummers. Explore the evolution of both their playing styles and equipment changes through their years with the Grateful Dead and beyond, including the introduction of the "Beast and Beam" and the extended DRUMZ segments that came with it. Tour Rob and Dino's set up and learn how they approach the stylistic changes of Billy and Mickey when they perform with DSO.

MIDI/DRUMZ - Analysis of the "Drumz"segment of the show. Learn concepts and approaches to tandem soloing with an in-depth look at the implementation of Electronics/MIDI and looping into the existing "Beast and Beam" set-up. Learn the basics of how Mickey and Billy did this and how Rob and Dino are doing it in DSO today. This also includes tools and mindsets for expanding one's own creativity in addition to "family" drumming (on stage drum circles during a performance).

For even more in-depth teaching, Rob and Dino will also be available for 1 on 1 or double drummer's private lessons. They will focus on whatever areas the student(s) has questions about within the Grateful Dead context and beyond.

For those interested in music production (recording & mixing your own music), Dino will be available to explore with the student on how best to record for their situation. Topics will include Pro Tools and other music recording platforms; Recording concepts; Editing concepts; Mixing concepts; Getting the best sounding recording within a student's budget and time concerns; Basics of getting your music out for people to listen to via the Internet.

History Classes

Touring with the Dead... Join our guest speaker Donna Jean Godchaux to hear stories of playing and touring with the Grateful Dead during her years with the band from 1972-1979.

Grateful Dead Pianists... Go in depth with Rob Barraco on the various piano styles of Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Tom Constanten, Keith Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Bruce Hornsby and Vince Welnick. Go deeper into Pig Pen history as Rob focuses on 5 variations of Good Lovin’ raps.

Radio Air Waves... join our guest David Gans, host of the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour and co-host of Tales from the Golden Road" with Gary Lambert on Sirius-XM.

Music Lessons

Play like Jerry and Bobby... Jam with Rob Eaton and Jeff Mattson. Learn techniques, sounds, and secrets of these two guitarists who have spent years mastering the styles of the pros. For all levels of guitar enthusiasts and aspiring band leaders.

Harmonize It... with lead singers Donna Jean Godchaux, Lisa Mackey, Rob Barraco, Rob Eaton and Jeff Mattson... you too can learn the harmonies and songs of the Dead in a class just for singers and song lovers.

Song School... an interactive session with David Gans and DSO members playing the songs you love!

Trade School

Roadie 101 and beyond... If you've ever wanted to run away with a rock band and be a roadie... this three-day "hands-on" classroom experience is for you! All aspects of setting up the stage, handling gear, drum set-ups, microphone placement and more. You'll work with the DSO crew each day setting up, packing and moving professional equipment while learning and having fun all at the same time!

Sound and Lights... with DSO engineers Cotter Michaels, Will Popp and Brian Adcock, learn professional sound and lighting techniques and how DSO brings a concert to life. Workshops and one-on-one time with DSO engineers will be offered.

Pro Tools and Music Production... with Dino English. Learn to set-up your own home studio!

Gym Class

Workout... Start each morning with stretching and yoga from a musical perspective with Lisa Mackey. Lisa is not a yoga instructor, but enjoys a good stretch.

Frisbee Fun... did you know DSO sound engineer Cotter Michaels is also a Frisbee champion? Don't miss an afternoon in the sun tossing the disc with members of DSO and fellow classmates!

Nature Hikes... Full Moon Resort has miles of beautiful trails through the Catskill Mountains and back... not to be missed during your stay!

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