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DSO High School

Remember those High School and College days... listening and trading Grateful Dead tapes, summertime road-trips, learning your favorite Dead songs and camping out with your friends. Well now you can listen, learn and jam with your favorite band... as Dark Star Orchestra announces their first DSO High School retreat August 5-9 at the beautiful Full Moon Resort in the heart of the Catskill Forest Preserve in Big Indian, New York. Join us for four days and nights of live performances, imaginative band and crew workshops, master classes, presentations and interactive jams... and of course, an inside look into the Grateful Dead's brilliant approach to music, as their career and legacy are all part of your camp experience.

In addition to the gourmet meals, hiking, swimming and fun, DSO has arranged for some "DSO High" classroom activities with members of the band and their special HS faculty, including Grateful Dead Hour host David Gans, legendary Dead recording engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson and former Grateful Dead singer Donna Jean Godchaux. Learn guitar, keyboard and drum techniques and the signature guitar sounds of Jerry and Bob, and hear "Betty Board" recordings never previously released. Ever want to learn more about being part of a road crew? Here's your chance to learn all aspects of stage, sound, lighting and production for a major tour. You don't have to be a musician to attend... you just have to love the music! And of course, along with joining in with you in the "jam rooms," and around the campfires, the DSO will perform for you in full concert, as a private audience!

Full Moon is a year-round mountain resort located in the heart of the "Forever Wild" Catskill Forest Preserve in upstate New York. Dedicated to the celebration of nature, music and the arts, this one hundred-acre wonderland of mountains, fields, and streams is a world of its own. Come join us for what promises to be a magical, remarkably unique interactive experience. More information, including a full listing of activities, camp pricing and registration options at "Early Bird Song" discounted rates will be available at noon on March 20!

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